★Charity Art Auction

This is our very first Star Charity Celebrity Art Auction in Singapore.


We are running the fund raising campaigns to help young children suffering from burns as well as the school foundation to help needy children.


Miss Korea and popular actress Seol Sujin is the CEO of the charity organization Bestian (ibestian.org). She will be the main celebrity leading the fund raising campaign in our Star Charity Art Auction in Singapore.


Ha Jung Woo, popular actor, film director, screenwriter and film producer will also star in our charity program. Famous Korean celebrities, including Kim Chang Wan, Singer, DJ, Actor and Composer and Lim Ha Ryong, Comedian and Actor will also help to spearhead our charitable programs.

Seol Sujin, Miss Korea, Actress & Entertainer
Seol Sujin, Miss Korea, Actress & Entertainer
Ha Jung Woo
Ha Jung Woo

Kim Il Dong, our star artist, a.k.a. The CoinMan will be there to perform his unique brand of multimedia artistic works as well as his installation work onsite at the exhibition venue.


We are grateful for their kind and warm support and contributions towards our charitable cause. We encourage and welcome more celebrities throughout Asia and beyond to join in our efforts to raise funds for the burn victims.


Star Charity Art Auction event will be held at the magnificent Marina Bay Sands on the VIP and opening day, the 17th July and from 18 – 21 July 2019 in conjunction with the Global Art Fair.

Seol Sujin, Miss Korea, Actress & Entertainer
Seol Sujin receiving an award for her charitable work

Give Applause and Support To Our Heros in the Frontline

Andy Warhol Poppy Flowers

Andy Warhol's Poppy Flowers: Numbered Edition Will Be On Display At The GLOBAL ART FAIR

Singapore Artists

Global Art Fair is showcasing a number of Singapore artists. 

In And Around The Exhibition Hall

There was a mixed and jolly crowd at the exhibition hall. On the opening day, the crowds began streaming in early in the morning. Global Art Fair will open till 6pm, 21st July 2019.

Global Art Fair 2019 Singapore Marina Bay Sands 18 – 21 July 2019 |...

The Global Art Fair will be hosted by the Sejong Art Promotion Association together with Nine Heaven in Singapore. Singapore is fast emerging as an international art and cultural center.

Attractions Around Marina Bay Sands

Welcome to the Global Art Fair Singapore 2019! The prestigious global art fair of the year is held at the equally prestigious location, the Marina Bay Sands.

StarCharity Art Auction For School Foundation

Support the StarCharity campaign for a brighter, better and brilliant world.