Global Art Fair ::: The Digital Evolution

& Revolution

Spanning a large part of the Marina Bay area is the now world famous and iconic sprawling Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. We are grateful to be able to organize the event at the venue as it attracts visitors from all over the world. Hence, the Global Art Fair 2019!


Oh… take a look again… You can see that the picture above represents the head of the same ancient nobleman over the centuries, from ancient time to the middle ages and to the present and the future.


What a coincidence! There are also three blocks of hotel towering over the Marina Bay Sands!


We too go through different phases in our lives. If we sould get reincarnated, we might become a robot or simply a component in the IOT!

Our friend, the CoinMan had spent many owls to bring the Full Yun for your pure entertainment!


Enjoy! See you at the Marina Bay Sands!

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Global Art Fair ::: The Digital Evolution

Our friend, the CoinMan had poured in many owls to bring the Full Yun for your pure entertainment!

Lim Ha Ryong

Lim Ha Ryong not only has the immense talent to make people laugh, he also has one little known secret, that is, creativity in art!

Since high school, he has played a role as entertainment manager, having displayed his uncanny talent as a comedian.

Artist Guide to Getting into Galleries

The art world has been plagued by an air of elitism for the longest time, so much that the reservations of entering it without prior experience in its dealings can be felt by emerging artists and collectors. Needless to say, the misconception that art is meant for those who

Global Art Fair 2019 Singapore Marina Bay Sands 18 – 21 July 2019 |...

The Global Art Fair will be hosted by the Sejong Art Promotion Association together with Nine Heaven in Singapore. Singapore is fast emerging as an international art and cultural center.

Pardoli Fadli

A number of artworks by famous Indonesian artists will be on display at the Global Art Fair 2019. Pardoli Fadli, Panen Raya, 2009. Oil On Canvas 100x150 cm

Kim Byung Jong: Artist Extraordinaire

After a lecture at Seoul National University Global Education Center for Engineers, China's President Xi Jinping (left) receives a present from SNU President Oh Yeon-chun, July