Korean Ambassador Ahn Young Jip


His Excellency, Mr AHN Young Jip, Korean Ambassador to Singapore “showing off” his artistic talent with Nancy Lang, the International Pop Artist from Korea at the Global Art Fair VIP Opening Day on the 17th July 2019. The paintings will be auctioned off at StarCharity Art Auction for charity. Watch this space!


We are grateful to the ambassador His Excellency, Mr AHN Young Jip and wish to take this opportunity to thank the ambassador for the great support that he has given to the Global Art Fair.


Global Art Fair, held at Marina Bay Sands Singapore Expo Convention Center Hall D is open to the public from 18th July to 21st July.

Splendid Artworks On Display At Marina Bay

Come, join us in the fun with this brilliant art show for the first time in beautiful Singapore!

Attractions Around Marina Bay Sands

Welcome to the Global Art Fair Singapore 2019! The prestigious global art fair of the year is held at the equally prestigious location, the Marina Bay Sands.

Nancy Lang

The Global Art Fair has never gotten as hot as this! Sexy international pop artist, Nancy Lang will be there to perform and create some pieces of art you have never seen before... Warning: Do NOT Enter If You Are Below 18!

Andy Warhol @Global Art Fair

Global Art Fair 2019 Singapore will feature a number of famous artists

Pardoli Fadli

A number of artworks by famous Indonesian artists will be on display at the Global Art Fair 2019. Pardoli Fadli, Panen Raya, 2009. Oil On Canvas 100x150 cm

China Artists: Meet The Four Heavenly Kings!

There will be many artists represented from China. Look out for the prized works of a number of these famous artists and be enthralled by them.