Lim Ha Ryong

Lim Ha Ryong not only has the immense talent to make people laugh, but he also has one little known secret, that is, creativity in art!

Since high school, he has played a role as entertainment manager, having displayed his uncanny talent as a comedian. He had earlier dropped out of college and became a star comedian at KBS. Lim later graduated from Hanyang University Department of Theater and Film.

Lim Ha Ryong | 임하룡 | 林河龍

During the 1980s and 1990s, Lim was one of Korea’s foremost comedians Lim Ha Ryong @ Global Art Fair(called “gag men”) but when his style of comedy became less popular among younger audiences, he switched to playing supporting roles in films and television series, particularly those directed by Jang Jin.

In 2005, he won Best Supporting Actor at the Blue Dragon Film Awards for his first major film role as a veteran soldier in the hit Korean War dramedy Welcome to Dongmakgol. Other notable films include workplace/musical drama Bravo My Life (2007) and political satire Good Morning President (2009).

Ever the multi-talented and versatile artist, he also paints and creates beautiful works or art.

Lim Ha Ryong is now with the agency Wealth Entertainment. He debited in1981 KBS ‘Happy Saturday’. Highlights of his career include winning the 2010 MBC Broadcasting Awards and becoming the Preta Forte Busan Public Relations Ambassador in 2011.

Global Art Fair 2019 Singapore is proud to showcase Lim’s artworks for the international audience. We are sure his fans would love them! Go, catch a glimpse or stay struck in awe with appreciation of his art! 

LMAO = Laugh My A** Off

Don’t take my word for it! Go see it for yourself! And meet the artist whose day job is a comedian!

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