Global Art Fair

Global Art Fair

Global Art Fair

Event Description

Global Art Fair Singapore 2019

Exhibition Period

2019 July 18 Thursday ~ 21 Sunday | 2019 July 17 Wednesday VIP Day

Exhibition Venue

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, Expo Convention Center D Hall


Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Photography, Installation, Media Art, Crafts, etc


Sejong Arts & Culture Promotion Association


Nine Heaven

Supported By

Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Seoul City, World Art Culture Promotion Association, ​​SBS, Joongang Ilbo, Trabum Changin Art Center, Korea Convergence Technology Promotion Agency, ARTSIX, Korean Art Association, Korea Land Trust, Westlast Co., Ltd., BMW Korea


Jun Art · Waiprene · Korea GLS · Hana Tour Co., Ltd.


The ODBO, Premium Pages, KONG Contemporary, Hana Tour Co., Ltd., WuWei Yishu, MBC, Joongang Daily, Seoul Metropolitan Government, FriendClub, Zchool

Participating Galleries

60 Galleries from Korea and 20 galleries from 10 countries (USA, France, Japan, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Germany, India, etc.)

Ancillary events

○  Korea, Singapore, China Contemporary Art Artists Special Exchange Exhibition (200 pieces of contemporary art)

○  Special charity auction show during the event (about 600 members of the World Cultural Economic Association, Korea CEO Summit member)

Special event

Special Exhibition of Crazy Art (Invited by the Four Great Kings of China – Jiangsu Jiang, Fang Ninjun, Zeng Panzu, and Wen Minjun)

Tips For A
Successful Trip
To The Art Exhibition
  • Prepare mentally to enjoy yourself!
    Physically and spiritually...
  • Drink coffee, or tea before you come.
  • Immerse yourself. Appreciate the artworks.
  • Browse the exhibits with love and passion. Enjoy!
  • Take away at least one art piece you like and treasure it forever.
  • Prepare to splurge, shop and dine at the many wonderful shopping and dining outlets at the venue.
  • Thank you for coming. We hope you have enjoyed yourself and come again the next time. You are always welcome. Spread the love. Here... here...
  • Ahh... Don't forget we have many fringe and ancillary events, in and outside the event venue... Including Auctions, Performance & Installation Art, Contests, Games, Parties, etc. And, yesss, meet some of our international celebrities too... Let's Have Fun:D And Paint The Town Red! Alright, Add Blue and White! OK!?!

GLOBAL ART FAIR 2019 held in Marina Bay Sands is now over. We look forward to seeing you in the coming event.