The Proud Peacock & My Owl of Fun and Happiness!

Again, owl dearest friend, Kim Il Dong had poured in owls, pardon the pun, of his time to create this sensational piece of art!

My Cute Owl

This is yet another fun:D project by Kim Il Dong, a.k.a. The CoinMan.
Final comment: This is so cute! I can’t believe it! It is art 2!



Well, it’s kinda like LMAO! Crazy! Err… Perhaps, crazy in a classy and clever way…

You just have to watch it! Well, it just shows the genius of the artist!

Global Art Fair For World Peace

His Excellency, Mr Ban Ki Moon, the 8th Secretary General of the United Nations being presented with a portrait painting of himself at the Global Art Fair.

Attractions Around Marina Bay Sands

Welcome to the Global Art Fair Singapore 2019! The prestigious global art fair of the year is held at the equally prestigious location, the Marina Bay Sands.

Korean Ambassador Ahn Young Jip

His Excellency, Mr AHN Young Jip, Korean Ambassador to Singapore "showing off" his artistic talent with Nancy Lang, the International Pop Artist from Korea

Lim Ha Ryong

Lim Ha Ryong not only has the immense talent to make people laugh, he also has one little known secret, that is, creativity in art!

Since high school, he has played a role as entertainment manager, having displayed his uncanny talent as a comedian.

Roy Lichtenstein: As I Opened Fire

As I Opened Fire by Roy Lichtenstein

It’s Getting Crazy! And I Am Loving IT!

The artistic director of the Global Art Fair 2019 Singapore says, "The crazy art" of this global art fair must go crazy. If it is in the picture, creativity is activated. Do you get it?