The Proud Peacock & My Owl of Fun and Happiness!

Again, owl dearest friend, Kim Il Dong had poured in owls, pardon the pun, of his time to create this sensational piece of art!

My Cute Owl

This is yet another fun:D project by Kim Il Dong, a.k.a. The CoinMan.
Final comment: This is so cute! I can’t believe it! It is art 2!



Well, it’s kinda like LMAO! Crazy! Err… Perhaps, crazy in a classy and clever way…

You just have to watch it! Well, it just shows the genius of the artist!

Ha Jung Woo

Ha Jung Woo is a South Korean actor, film director, screenwriter and film producer. He is one of the highest grossing actors in South Korea, having his starring films accumulating over 100 million tickets. Only three other actors have...

Global Art Fair ::: The Digital Evolution

Our friend, the CoinMan had poured in many owls to bring the Full Yun for your pure entertainment!

Ban Ki Moon

His Excellency Ban Ki Moon, the 8th Secretary General of the United Nations will officiate the official opening of the Global Art Fair Singapore...

Lim Ha Ryong

Lim Ha Ryong not only has the immense talent to make people laugh, he also has one little known secret, that is, creativity in art!

Since high school, he has played a role as entertainment manager, having displayed his uncanny talent as a comedian.

Artist Guide to Getting into Galleries

The art world has been plagued by an air of elitism for the longest time, so much that the reservations of entering it without prior experience in its dealings can be felt by emerging artists and collectors. Needless to say, the misconception that art is meant for those who

StarCharity Art Auction For School Foundation

Support the StarCharity campaign for a brighter, better and brilliant world.